Welcome to Gallows Hill Nature Area!

Gallows Hill areas

In early 2017, the first trees were planted in the Community Orchard and Forest Garden. Together they cover about 1.1 acres of area E.

Map of FG and CO

Most of the site is intended as a low-maintenance orchard. The vegetation already present (mostly nettles and thistles) will be left with paths scythed linking the trees during summer. Approximately one-sixth of an acre is being managed as a forest garden.

Forest Garden design

Forest gardens feature a diverse range of edible and otherwise useful trees, shrubs and perennial plants. More information on forest gardening can be found here. Over time, the trees will begin to cast shade and we can establish a ground-cover layer of herbs and pollinator plants.

Community Orchard varieties

The orchard contains 22 apple, 6 pear and 3 plum trees. The varieties (where known) can be seen on the diagram. All the trees are currently fenced against rabbits; several have needed replacing due to rabbit damage.

For more information about the Forest Garden and Community Orchard, please email Sam Lawson - sam.lawson@gallowshill.org.uk